This game was developed by two students as a first game. It might have minor bugs but is fully beatable. 

The quit button is only functional for the desktop version. 

Watty the Weak’s fears have always held him back in life. Watty needs someone he can trust to go into his dreams and help him release his fears. Watty assigns this mission to his friend Leo, an amazing knight who has never failed a mission.Leo goes into his friend’s dreams, where he has to defeat enemies and survive obstacles in order to accomplish his mission. At the end of each level, Leo has to fight one of the three elf brothers, Belanor, Neldor, and Toross, which guard Watty’s fear of heights, darkness, and failure respectively. It is not until after defeating them all, however, that Leo the Great discovers the real cause of his friend’s weakness…

All assets were free to use. Credit given to music in the end.

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